Easy cleaning

Cleanliness is maintained by keeping dust, sand, water and dirt in cells.


Extremely durable and absolutely ecological car mats



The choice of many colors for material and edging allow you to choose what you need.


Cleanliness is maintained by keeping dust, sand, water, and dirt in cells. Easy to clean.


The material is completely safe and has no odors.

Choose your color

You can choose different colors of car mats and edges


These are not just big words. CellMats' car mats are really unique. They are made from durable yet ultralight material called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Their main feature is a special cellular structure resembling a honeycomb. As a result, all rubbish, dust or water is collected at the bottom of the cells, and the surface of the mat that comes in contact with the shoes remains dry and clean.

CellMats' products are able to hold water securely. It will not spill over while driving or create discomfort for the driver and passengers. To pour out the liquid, the mat must be turned almost vertically. In addition, it is quite hard and conveniently removable from the cabin for cleaning.

CellMats' products perfectly tolerate high and low temperatures. They do not deform and do not smell at +120 ° F, nor become fragile and crack at -40 ° F. The material calmly transfers any contact with chemicals used on roads during the cold season. These are the best floor mats for winter and summer.